• In Store – GDO – Street Promotion
  • Hostess Service
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Incentive Catalogs
  • Administrative Practices Competitions

If you want to retain your customers, put us to the test with a direct marketing campaign: we start from creativity and make yours objectives with highly trained and specialized personnel.
In-store promotion and large-scale distribution: get out of the usual patterns with unconventional set-ups. We know how to create very attractive islands and premium tasting areas. If your product is for Street promotion, beware, we unleash the WOW effect even outdoors.
Competitions and turnkey prize operations: we design the idea and creativity together. We take care of the administrative, EDP and logistics part, with a final report. Digital platforms, post office box and dedicated telephone line, premium logistics: we energize the operation with mailing, recall, tracking. Think of a truly incentive catalog: we select a large number of awards and manage the entire supply chain directly