HJF - The most famous Rock event in Italy

Heineken Jammin ‘Festival was born from a collaboration between Pielle and Heineken Italia: the challenge of creating the first music festival in Italy in unusual locations for an unforgettable brand experience.

Pielle has coordinated, conceived and implemented expectations such as: activation, branding, conception and implementation of Heineken theme areas, hospitality of journalists and VIPs, staff and security, operations and permits.

TO CREATE A UNIQUE BRAND EXPERIENCE we have created a PERSONALIZATIONS area, a SPORT area, a BEACH / RELAX area and we have never neglected the very important COLD CHAIN, ensuring the refrigerated transport of the product and managing the plug points and all the bars installed on site.

TO ENSURE A CONSTANT COMMUNICATION, we have supported the press conference with BRANDISATION covering the entire area of the event and we have looked for SPONSORS in line with customer values and finally we carried out VALORIZATION ACTIVITIES through the Uefa Champion’s League.

TO SUPPORT THE PROMOTION, a musical CONTEST was established in the period preceding the event.

To leave a further memory of the event, we have set up a Store where it was possible to buy official merchandising including gadgets and clothing.