TOY WATCH - Pielle Warehouse

One of Pielle’s strengths is undoubtedly its warehouse. It is in fact the most operational nerve center after design an event. In addition to performing loading and unloading functions and storage and conservation of the company’s materials and structures, it also deals with customer logistics.

Toy Watch is one of the cases that most encompasses all the functions performed in these 7,000 square meters.

A project born together with the Start Up in Italy and then going as far as the customer’s assignment of all the EMEA and NORTH AMERICA logistics.

Over the years, we have built a personalization and engraving center and a service and repair center internally, to then become the only reference in Europe for the brand.

A dedicated staff of 5 meticulously met the requests from the customer, the departments intervened:




– SHIPMENT both to the client company and to the single buyer, in Italy and all over the world.

We are able to satisfy 20 THOUSAND shipments per year.

In addition, the warehouse service is also virtual: with the use of more advanced information systems, the customer can in fact manage movements directly online by log on his reserved area on Pielle site.