HITA - Heineken Italy meets press

For the press conference that Heineken organizes every year to meet journalists and update them on the situation of the company, on future objectives and on the successes achieved, we haveĀ  looked for modern and impactful LOCATIONS in central and easily accessible places, equipped with rooms suitable for hosting a heterogeneous audience, based on customer requests. Rooms like the space on the 39th floor of the Lombardy Region building, where we have INSTALLED:
– Stage with platform and chairs for speakers
– Seats for people
– Coffee break area
– Exhibition area where the conference themes were developed (graphic design and printing of graphic elements)
– Audio and video service
Without forgetting the OPERATING PART before, during and after the event:
– Organization of an evening event with live music and bar corners
– Hostess, room staff and technicians management
– Organizing secretariat
– Production of gadget / press kit material
– Request for permits