Instore area, Hidden bus and shopping area in malls are the different points of interest and meeting involved during the Lego Tour 2019.

The instore area had two types of activation: the first has recreated the setting of the playset with screen and decorative fittings, the other has provided column and communication support.

We have completely branded our yellow school bus, on which it was possible to be involved, via playsets and app, in a timed challenge. The astonishment created in the 10 game stations was then rewarded with a special gift.

You could also take a souvenir photo, to commemorate the experience, with a product display and a red Lego brick inside the bus; while outside there were a totem, a sign and a column with a Plexiglass box.

The Area in the shopping malls was about 126sqm and was divided into two parts: an institutional area, with lego tubs and tables, and a ‘hidden side’ area, with a diorama set-up around the playsets, where users could play, interact and have fun. The latter area has been divided into 4 thematic sections: bus, high school, diner and laboratory.