“Camp Jeep® 2019, the most important annual gathering of the Jeep Owners’ Group (J.O.G), gave to the participants exciting experiences in an authentic and pure Jeep style.

The event took place in the heart of the Dolomites, in the well-known town of San Martino di Castrozza (TN), and has attracted over 1,500 Jeep fans with over 700 vehicles and over 300 journalists from all over.

The 7-day program gave the opportunity to test the off-road capabilities of the legendary Jeep Wrangler and to drive the entire Jeep range on over 40 km of routes, supported by qualified instructors from the Jeep Academy.

Inside the Camp, the participants then had the opportunity to visit the Jeep Museum with 7 historic vehicles, that told the story of the brand, and to discover the Mopar world with accessories dedicated to personalizing cars.

The Camp Jeep program has also offered shows, barbecues, outdoor sports, activities for children, cocktails on the Ferris wheel, live music and the final Sunday parade.



An eco-sustainable edition: 100 m3 of logs were used for the construction of the Camp Jeep area for a total of 250 tons of wood, all coming from the trees that collapsed in the neighboring woods, without considering an additional 360 m3 of woodchips. A leitmotiv extremely in line with the brand and with its wild values ​​that has allowed the creation of a village in full Jeep style.



The sixth edition of the Camp was a great success: more than 700 Jeep SUVs and more than 1500 Jeepers.