F1 Grand Prix



We have realized the event according to the needs of the Name Sponsor.
We dealt with the study and the on-site installation of an ad hoc stand for the FUN ZONE, that respects the principles of MODULARITY, SPECTACULARIZATION and FUNCTIONALITY, and also with the bureaucratic procedures necessary for SECURITY and access to the place of the event.
The structure, consisting of a central tapping area with 3 systems, two lateral play areas, a relax area with pillows and shaded areas, and a Dj-set stage with a video wall in the upper part, that entertained thousands of people during the 3 DAYS OF EVENT.
At the same time, we have studied and carried out other activities related to the Grand Prix, such as searching 49 GRID GIRLS that trampled on the grid assisting the pilots and participating in the opening and award ceremonies.
In addition, at the entrance to the Autodromo we managed the awareness campaign on “Responsible Drinking”, supporting the Heineken motto “When you drive, never drink”.